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Revive Your Washing Machine with DOKIKO's 18 Pack Deep Clean Tablets - Keep Your HE Front Loader & Top Load Washer Sparkling Clean and Fresh!

- Deodorizing properties: DOKIKO Washing Machine Cleaner also has deodorizing properties that can eliminate unpleasant odors from your washing machine. It can leave your machine smelling fresh and clean, which is especially important if you have been noticing a musty or moldy smell.
- Convenient packaging: This washing machine cleaner comes in a pack of 18 tablets, which is enough for 18 cleaning sessions. The tablets are easy

DOKIKO Washing Machine Cleaner is the ultimate solution for deep cleaning your washer. With 18 tablets in a pack, you can keep your HE front loader and top load washer clean for months. The eco-friendly and septic safe formula ensures that you are not harming the environment while keeping your washer clean. The cleaner is designed to clean the inside drum and tub seal, eliminating any funky odors and bacteria buildup. The tablets are easy to use, simply drop them into the washer and run a cycle. Say goodbye to dirty washers and hello to fresh, clean laundry with DOKIKO Washing Machine Cleaner.